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Keys to the Corner Office: Success Strategies for Women by Women is a must read for any woman aspiring to advance her career. Why?

  • Because women who do what men do aren’t always treated the same.

  • We need to balance our collaborative nature with a healthy competitive disposition.

  • We need to respect others as well as ourselves.

  • We need to balance our business duties with our personal duties.

Keys to the Corner Office is a comprehensive guide to surviving—and thriving—in a male-dominated corporate world. Whether you’ve got your eye on the corner office or you’re just trying to advance to the next level, Keys to the Corner Office is the book for you. 

Practical Coaching

“Rhonda’s professional coaching has had a profound effect on my career trajectory and success. Her no-nonsense, respectful, and empowering advice was one of the key factors in me obtaining my current role as president of an innovative, fast-growing clean tech company. This book will transform your life and accelerate your career.”


- Rebecca Boudreaux, PhD,

President, Oberon Fuels

Proven Principles

“Keys to the Corner Office is a compelling, motivating read about the journey to the C-suite. It is a how-to guide from a wise, compassionate trailblazer who is committed to mentoring a new generation of women who want to lead. This book is infused with powerful advice and Rhonda’s personal insights. Grab the Keys, and get going!”


- Lorraine Herr, Strategic Account Director, Matrex Exhibits

Road Map

“Whether you are just starting your career or are well on your way, your path to the corner office will be more direct if you follow the road map provided in Keys to the Corner Office. Rhonda offers candid advice and actionable tips based upon extensive research and personal experiences.”

- Karin Eastham, Independent Director, Biotechnology Industry, Author of Cook the Part: Delicious, Interactive and Fun Team Cooking

One of the best books for women looking to shatter that glass ceiling!



- Melissa Eastham
A mentor in a book.



- Jana Morrelli
Unlock your success with Rhonda Rhyne's terrific roadmap.



- Mindy Bortness
The advice is accessible, practical, and doable. It's a great book to sharpen your game.



- Hien DeYoung, Leadership Coach
Keys to the Corner Office should be employed in every MBA program in the U.S. as a guidebook for success.



- Teresa Daggett
The one career guide I keep using over, and over, and over. 



- Lorraine Herr

Buy the Book

Keys to the Corner Office: Success Strategies for Women by Women is a must read for any woman aspiring to advance her career. Successful careers don’t just happen. They require thought, strategy, skill development, management, and the help of others.


Keys to the Corner Office provides that strategy, along with a road map for women to follow to drive their own careers. The book is structured in five sections: Turbocharge Your Career, Unleash the Leader Within, Ignite Your Management, Transform Your Life, and Parting Thoughts. Each chapter is packed with wisdom and easy-to-follow, practical Key Action Tips. The focus of Keys to the Corner Office is to educate, encourage, and train the reader to level the playing field for herself as well as enhance career opportunities for all women. It provides keys to your own corner office—or at least the keys to your success.


The author, Rhonda Rhyne, is currently President & CEO of her third medical technology company. She is practical and strategic in describing how and why to Brand Yourself, introducing the concept of Respect-Centric Leadership, and illustrating how to Say “No” with “Yes.” Her advice helps women overcome the challenge of being too hard (and perceived as a “_itch”) and too soft (and perceived as “weak”) in the workplace. Rhyne’s lessons grew out of the challenges she faced, and the processes she followed to the corner office.

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