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Keys to the Corner Office was written to empower motivated women in their corporate and personal endeavors. Beyond our amazing everyday readers looking to strategically advance their careers, Keys to the Corner Office has been honored with notable reviews and endorsements.  Below are select sentiments shared by readers of Keys to the Corner Office. 


“Keys to the Corner Office is a compelling, motivating read about the journey to the C-suite. It is a how-to guide from a wise, compassionate trailblazer who is committed to mentoring a new generation of women who want to lead. This book is infused with powerful advice and Rhonda’s personal insights. Grab the Keys, and get going!”

Lorraine Herr, Strategic Account Director, Matrex Exhibits

“Rhonda’s professional coaching has had a profound effect on my career trajectory and success. Her no-nonsense, respectful, and empowering advice was one of the key factors in me obtaining my current role as president of an innovative, fast-growing clean tech company. This book will transform your life and accelerate your career.” 

Rebecca Boudreaux, PhD,

President, Oberon Fuels

“Keys to the Corner Office is a take-action book empowering you to make changes in your career. It’s an ideal ‘how-to-achieve’ success manual for anyone—women or men. It maps the business terrain and points you in the direction of the corner office.”

Teresa Daggett, Attorney at Law, 

Gordon Thomas Honeywell

“Highly successful in the male-dominated industries of medical devices and biotechnology, Rhonda Rhyne knows what it takes to survive and thrive. Having significantly benefited from her wisdom, guidance, and leadership, I am excited that she has written Keys to the Corner Office. It’s a must read for any woman wanting to successfully rise through the ranks of business with grace, respect, and joie de vivre.” 

Bonnie Dupuis Ortega, Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications, Imprimis Pharmaceuticals

“Rhonda’s visionary leadership, inspired confidence, and respectful support taught me I could achieve successes I never thought possible. The principles she shares in Keys to the Corner Office made the difference in my career success. Do yourself a favor… read this book, implement the advice, and watch your career soar!” 

Celine Peters, Vice President, Patient Safety and Clinical Development, CRISI Medical Systems 

“Corporate headhunters search for well-rounded

executives, beyond their track record of achievements. We monitor people’s careers over years. Keys to the Corner Office provides value-added tips to help women develop leadership as they advance toward pinnacle career goals— C-suite and corporate board service.”

Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire, 

President, Berkhemer Clayton, Inc., Executive Search

Author of The Board Game:

How Smart Women Become Corporate Directors

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